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Spectroscopy I (Online Learning)

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About This Course

Students will be able to

  • understand the fundamentals of spectroscopy and the atomic spectra of hydrogen atom.
  • appreciate the role of microwaves in rotational spectroscopy and its working principle.
  • experiment the use of infrared rays in finding the structure of molecules.
  • find the use of Raman spectroscopy in studying the matter.
  • analyze the structure of atoms through the electronic spectroscopy.
  • identify the best method to solve the spectroscopic problems.

Course Staff

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Dr. A.Sakunthala

Dr. A.Sakunthala joined the Department of Physics, Karunya University campus in June, 2012. She completed her doctorate in physics (Area of specialization: Solid State Ionics) in 2010 from Bharathiar University, Tamilnadu, India. With her doctoral thesis, she studied the electrochemical performance of manganese and vanadium based cathode materials for lithium ion battery. During her PhD period, she visited Advanced Batteries Lab, National University of Singapore, Singapore, for six months. Presently she is actively involved in teaching, non-academic and research activities. Completed two research projects to the tune of Rs 35,00,000 from Department of Atomic Energy – Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences and from Department of Science and Technology. Currently running a project on thin film lithium batteries, funder by DST-EMR to the tune of Rs 45,00,000 She has successfully produced 1 PhD (with JRF/SRF fellowship) and 1 Mphil student. Currently, four students are undergoing their PhD. Working in the area of Energy Devices (Batteries, Supercapacitors)

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